The Johnson Road trilogy charts the lives and loves of Sophie, Jasper and Alex as they navigate their way through university and beyond. All books are available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle ebook. Jasper & Gabriella is a free download and is a short story about Jasper before he moved to Nottingham. His First, My Last is a M/M short story about one of the Johnson Road friends after he leaves university.

Johnson Road #1

One very attractive woman. Two ridiculously handsome men. And homoerotic Greek statues. Starting out alone at Nottingham University, Sophie Ashworth finds herself sharing a house with soulful, grieving Jasper Coutts and charming, irresistible Alex Van-Zeller, who is determined to have Sophie all to himself. After all, he’s Alex Van-Zeller and he always gets the girl, right? But he hasn’t counted on the slow burning affection growing between Sophie and Jasper, and Jasper’s own quiet self-belief.

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Sometimes the future is tied up in the past.

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Johnson Road #2

In the second novel of the Johnson Road trilogy we discover whether the bonds that bind the threesome together are strong enough to overcome a sophisticated older lady threatening to turn Alex’s head. And will Jasper finally succumb to his persistent flirtatious overtures or will Alex push him a step too far? And how on earth does Sophie drop the delicate matter of having two men in her life into a conversation with her frosty, conservative parents?

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Johnson Road #3

In this third and final instalment of the Johnson Road trilogy, our friends set up a beautiful home in London, beginning exciting new careers. Love binds them even closer as they plan for the future. What could possibly go wrong? When a devastating illness puts all of their hopes and dreams on hold, the lovers and their friends depend upon each other more than ever as one of the threesome barely clings to life.

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Jasper & Gabriella

Jasper spends his days looking after his brother and his nights working in a bar. He’s never had time for girls and is way too shy to make a move on one anyway, especially a girl as gorgeous as Gabriella. Gabriella is leaving town, going to college and never coming back. There is just one handsome man that she would really like to spend some time with before she goes…..

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My First, His Last

Seb has spent his university days hopelessly in love with one of his unattainable best friends. Sweet, kind and handsome, he has been too shy to admit his desires for other men. Finding himself living in London, alone and inexperienced, he turns to his friends to find him a suitable partner. Happily running a small art gallery and juggling his hectic social whirl, Kiefer doesn’t realise anything is missing from his love life until he is introduced at a dinner party to a gentle young man called Seb.

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