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Max Bergmann, Europe’s hottest drum and bass DJ, has reached a crossroads. From the outside, his life is a whirl of glamorous vodka-fueled parties and casual hook-ups, while inside, he craves the one thing he can’t have—his Greek childhood friend, Georgios Manolas.


Following a disastrous PR stunt and one drunken hook-up too many, Max decides it's time to reassess his life choices. Returning to his childhood home on the Greek island of Aegina, he realises if he wants any chance of having Georgios permanently in his life, he must delve into the mystery of the Manolos's longstanding animosity towards the Bergmann family.


Georgios, a skilled chef, has lived his whole life on the tiny Greek island of Aegina. Since leaving school, he has held the family restaurant together with very little reward, and dreams of one day running a restaurant of his own on the island. By acknowledging his feelings for Max, he runs the risk of losing not only his traditional Greek family but also his livelihood.


As Max uncovers the secrets of the past, he is left wondering whether a little Greek girl’s heartbreaking wartime diary could not only hold the key to his family’s history but also unlock his and Georgios’s future together.


Set on a sunny Greek island, The Last of the Moussakas is a light-hearted, warm romance about two men’s quest for the truth about the past and unlocking a path to a future together.